Earn Top 1% Income ($400k-$4m)

Earn Top 1% Incomes is for businesspeople earning $150k-$4m.  It is a lengthier and more challenging daily selection of excerpts and complete videos and papers from The Aji Library than those offered in Double Your Income. This subscription includes The Aji Starter Course (ASC); Aji fundamental, strategic and tactical knowledge; The Aji Focus; monthly excerpts from the book, Aji, an IR#4 Business Philosophy; and help and coaching. The selections focus on enabling businesspeople to execute The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy, e.g. designing steady streams of fresh, new offers, practices, narratives and strategies (OPNS) that are highly valued and scarce relative to demand; learning and using new operational tactics (execution) and competitive strategies; building Networks of Capabilities; increasing autonomies; producing highly valued accomplishments; establishing identities of superior trustworthiness, value, authority and leadership (TVAL); holding highly compensated leadership roles; building competitive organizations and anticipating competitive threats, obligations and opportunities. Use the papers and videos in Earn Top 1% Incomes  – as well as The Networks of Capabilities you will begin to build when you know how to execute The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy –  every day you are not working on The Aji Starter’s Course to begin to earn a top 1% income between $400k and $4m.

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Top 1% Selling Strategies [Month 137]
[Weeks 592-595]
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