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A completely new business philosophy that enables individuals and entire businesses to double their productivity, value and income using their computers and the internet.

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Read an introduction to “Aji, an IR#4 Business Philosophy” to learn why dignified adults choose Aji.

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Aji enables individuals and businesses to use their computers and the internet strategically and competitively, instead of with task orientation, to double their productivity, value and incomes, or earn a Top 1% Income of $400k-$4m.

Using Aji makes computers and the internet the best money-making tools ever invented.

It replaces the obsolete and uncompetitive labor-based business philosophy, reliance on common sense and task-oriented skills that were invented before computers and the internet and that are thwarting financial, career and business intentions to earn a living or become rich.

Aji is not difficult to learn but it is a very, very different way of thinking and acting to make money.

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We are updating our events strategy to enable you and your networks to learn and use Aji together from anywhere in the world.

Please check back with us soon.

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Aji Resources are intended to help subscribers build their Networks of Capabilities.

It offers a selection of papers, videos and posters that compliment the book, “Aji, an IR#4 Business Philosophy” and are intended to be shared with others.

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