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A completely new business philosophy that enables individuals and entire businesses to double their productivity, value and income using their computers and the internet.

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Read the introduction to Aji, an IR#4 Business Philosophy (74 pages) to learn why dignified adults choose Aji.

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Aji enables individuals and businesses to use their computers and the internet strategically and competitively, instead of with task orientation, to double their productivity, value and incomes, or earn a Top 1% Income of $400k-$4m.

Using Aji makes computers and the internet the best money-making tools ever invented.

It replaces the obsolete and uncompetitive labor-based business philosophy, reliance on common sense and task-oriented skills that were invented before computers and the internet and that are thwarting financial, career and business intentions to earn a living or become rich.

Aji is not difficult to learn but it is a very, very different way of thinking and acting to make money.

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Find other businesspeople with whom you can work, think and learn Aji, who are equally serious and dignified about earning a living or becoming rich so they can take care of their family.

Attend an event to learn the strategic and competitive importance of building and learning with Networks of Capabilities.

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Upcoming Events
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    The LEIP Conference #85

    January 2020 San Jose, California
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    The Aji Network Conference

    June 2020 San Jose, California
course aji

The Aji Course is a two-year course in which participants learn how to execute The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy using Aji’s fundamental, strategic and tactical knowledge to fulfill their financial, career and business intentions to earn a living or become rich, earn a Top 1% Income ($400k-$4m), or simply double their income.

It includes assignments, conferences and work with other students.

Take a look at what students are learning in The Aji Course this month and the results they are producing… as reported by them.

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