Toby Hecht and Greg Scharnagl


The Aji Network was founded in 1984 by Toby and Linda Hecht. Their purpose was to enable ambitious businesspeople to earn a living, or earn enough money during their 40-year careers to survive, adapt to life’s always changing circumstances and live a good life throughout their entire lives, including 25+ years of old age when they can no longer work.

Since then, The Aji Network has helped over 4,000 businesspeople learn strategic, competitive knowledge needed to earn annual incomes between $400k and $4m to fulfill their life, financial and business ambitions in the most complex, rapidly changing, intensely competitive and technologically advanced global marketplace in human history.

I have used the Aji Source Fundamental Strategy invented and taught by Toby Hecht to build a very profitable business to take care of my family and to provide us the money we will need to pay for 25-35 years of unemployment (retirement). Without this knowledge, I would still be working very hard like most people to build someone else’s business while not earning, saving and investing enough to take care of my own family.

C. Van Emon Owner & CEO Private Preschools

[Aji] has helped me increase my income by more than 400%. The Aji Strategy and Strategic Knowledge has equipped me to design and develop an achievable plan of action and practices to accomplish my personal, financial and career goals… I have built highly effective organizations, produced increasingly valuable outcomes and held executive leadership roles earning top 1% income.

B. Tingle Chief Information Officer Portable Moving and Storage

Students of The Aji Course and The LEIP Programs report their incomes, capital-at-work and net worth before, during and when they complete working with The Aji Network.

The most recent graduating class of The Aji Course (formerly The Business Professional’s Course) produced an average 247% increase in income over the two years of the course and a 1373% return on their tuition.

This makes The Aji Course one of the best investments businesspeople can make to fulfill their financial, career and business intentions.

Over the past 5 years, graduates of The Aji Course have produced an average:

Increase in Income
Return on Investment

Many have continued their learning in The LEIP Program and consistently perform in the top 5-1%, with an average:

Annual Income
Net Worth

Toby Hecht has championed businesspeople’s ability to earn a living with annual incomes between $400k and $4m for more than 35 years.

He is the author of:

  • Aji, an IR#4 Business Philosophy, a book about how businesspeople use Aji to earn a living or become rich in The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR#4)
  • The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy, a 12-part, top 1% competitive business strategy
  • The Aji Starter’s Course, a 21-week program of weekly assignments — papers, videos, instructions and introductions — that help businesspeople deepen the contents of the book
  • 1,300+ papers and 400+ talks used throughout

Toby’s work is aimed exclusively at enabling businesspeople to compete successfully in IR#4 using computers and the internet strategically and competitively — as the best money-making tools ever invented — to earn and save enough money to live a good life throughout their entire lives, including 25+ years of old age in retirement. He has led more than 350 conferences and countless talks about Aji.


Greg has been helping businesspeople learn and use Aji to double their productivity, value and incomes for more than 26 years. He has helped thousands of business owners, executives, managers and individual performers use Aji to fulfill their financial, career and business ambitions in the top 1% of the marketplace.

He has worked with executives and managers from 21 of the Fortune 50 and has led hundreds of talks, meetings and conferences about Aji in the U.S. and Mexico.

Graduates in the five most recent classes of The Aji Course led by Greg produced an average 137% increase in income and an average ROI of 976%.

Toby Hecht, Greg Scharnagl and The Aji Network staff have consistently delivered on their commitments… The strategic knowledge I have learned and continue to learn has dramatically increased my capacity to think and act effectively to care for my business, career and personal concerns. My return on investment due to these revenue increases has been nearly seven fold, or 700%.

D. Witter CEO & Founder, Wealth Advisor
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Students of The Aji Network are typically, but not always, age 35-50, earning over $150k, married with children, college educated and holding a variety of roles from over 80 different industries

They are serious about using Aji to double their productivity, value and incomes.

They tend to be enthusiastic about working to take care of their families and passionate about the future they would like to produce for their spouse and children.

They are serious about keeping the promises they made to their spouse to take care of them (their marriage vows) and to their children to care for them and avoid becoming a “parent tax” in the future.

They accept the fact that they do not have a pension and are, therefore, responsible for:

  • Earning and saving enough money to afford the goods and services their spouse and they need available every day of their lives for housing, food, medical care, transportation, etc.,
  • While raising their children,
  • Including 25+ years of unemployment during old age.

Our students accept today’s financial realities no matter how challenging they sound.

For instance, they accept that for every $100k of annual income they and their spouse will need to survive, adapt and live a good life when they retire, they will need $2.5m saved and invested passively in today’s dollars.

They are curious people who are more serious about taking care of their family than they are attached to the way things used to be. They are interested in quitting the obsolete business philosophy, knowledge and practices that were invented before computers and the internet because they are thwarting their intentions, and they are ready to learn how to use Aji to double their productivity, value and incomes.

Learning how to think and act strategically and competitively with their computers – and quitting task orientation – intrigues them.

They are “Done” with:

  • Failing to fulfill their adult responsibilities to earn and save enough money no matter how hard they try
  • Bad moods (resignation, despair and resentment) and lack of dignity that failing to make enough money produces at work and at home with their spouse
  • The chronic financial stress that is triggered when people know they are certain to run out of money before they are likely to die

They no longer want to work with businesspeople who are not serious about taking care of their spouse and children and who insist on pretending they are fine financially when nothing could be farther from the truth.


They have heard enough about how much money others are making by using their computers and the internet strategically and competitively, instead of with the same-old, same-old task orientation, hard work, busyness, reliance on common sense, etc.

They want to learn how it’s done, too!

They are attracted to Aji’s new strategic intentions including:

  • Designing a steady stream of fresh, new offers, practices, narratives and strategies that are highly valued and scarce relative to demand
  • Building powerful Networks of Capabilities
  • Increasing their autonomies
  • Producing highly valued and scarce accomplishments
  • Establishing Superior Identities
  • Holding highly compensated leadership roles
  • Building powerful business organizations
  • Anticipating future threats to avoid, obligations to fulfill and opportunities to exploit