Aji Strategic Knowledge

Aji Strategic Knowledge is the practices, capabilities and skills businesspeople use to (1) execute strategies, or action plans, (2) improve their strategies and (3) make new strategies possible to double their productivity, value and income or to earn a Top 1% Income ($400k-$4m). This offer includes:

The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy’s 12 strategic intentions

The 5 Properties and 12 Design Concerns of a Competitive Strategy

How to Practice “Competitive Learning” all day, every day

How to Design and Speak Business Narratives that are complete and coherent with reality’s operations very, very quickly

How to Coordinate thought and action using commitments  -- promises, requests, assertions, assessments, declarations, complaints, apologies, offers, etc. --  and complete Business Narratives

How to Design, or Produce, anything using new intentions, tools and skills

Aji Strategic Knowledge is included in every aji.com subscription.