Aji Fundamental Knowledge

Aji Fundamental Knowledge is the always underlying philosophical background or accepted truths about human beings, computers, money, business and the marketplace that businesspeople use all day, every day, with their computers, the internet and Networks of Capabilities, to double their productivity, value and income or earn a Top 1% Income of $400k-$4m.

It includes:

The most fundamental HUMAN, MARITAL, FINANCIAL and CAREER (1) concerns, (2) situations, (3) capabilities and (4) strategies

Fundamental interpretations about the nature and operations of money and how it is really made; how to judge and produce value; the tactical and strategic importance of time; the nature and importance of identities about businesspeople’s trustworthiness, value, authority and leadership, and how to produce them very quickly; and what is communication, especially the importance of skilled listening/speaking and the ability to design a complete Business Narrative

What it means to be a human being and the importance of money, identities and dignity to our survival, adaptability and ability to live a good life

Aji Fundamental Knowledge is included in every aji.com subscription.

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  • 3 Sections
  • 55 Topics
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