Aji Tactical Knowledge

Aji Tactical Knowledge enables businesspeople and businesses to get in front of the rapidly changing, increasingly complex, intensely competitive and technologically advanced competitive situations generated in today’s global marketplace with computers and the internet.

It is a finite set of fundamental practices, capabilities and skills such as those listed below that every business and businessperson must learn before they can execute The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy or double their productivity, value and income.

They enable businesspeople to:

Design and Execute steady streams of fresh, new Offers, Practices, Narratives and Strategies (OPNS) with “marginal utilities” that are highly valued and scarce relative to demand

Explain the Descriptions, Meanings, Relevance, Value and Purposes (DMRVP) of newly designed OPNS

Design and use categorical, consequential and contextual Ethics of Power to maintain and continually increase competitive capabilities and advantages such as being first to market with fresh, new OPNS

Build competitive Networks of Capabilities to continually increase competitive capabilities and advantages, and to design fresh, new OPNS

Establish superior identities of trustworthiness, value, authority and leadership (TVAL) with customers, employers, employees, colleagues and vendors

Hold highly compensated leadership roles

Aji Tactical Knowledge is included in every aji.com subscription.