Help & Coaching

No one can understand “Aji” when they first encounter it.  Everyone needs help and advice when they learn it.  It enables businesspeople’s intelligence to work in a new way with their computers and the internet that is more productive, strategic and competitive than task orientation, labor-based work ethics and reliance on common sense. Businesspeople who participate in The Aji Course report that it takes them at least 100 days of assignments and a three-day conference before they begin to grasp how Aji works. This is because Aji really is a new business philosophy.  The claim is not hype.  Aji couldn’t have existed, or even been imagined, before computers and the internet.  That’s why everything you learn will “make sense”, or seem obvious intuitively, and be immediately useful to increase your productivity and value… but you won’t be able to figure out why until you learn the philosophy underneath it. To learn Aji is not difficult but it is a very, very different way of thinking and acting to make money.  It is easy to learn because it makes a new kind of practical sense out of today’s marketplace and how those who are successfully making money today are actually using their computers and the internet strategically and competitively.

Here you will find the help and coaching needed to learn and use Aji effectively, strategically and competitively.

If you are new to Aji, we recommend you complete The Aji Starter’s Course.  It contains the content, instructions and introductions needed to start learning Aji. The requirements to learn Aji are fundamental and straightforward.  You can find them on pages 502-513 of the book, Aji, an IR#4 Business Philosophy. Help & Coaching is included in every subscription.