The Aji Starter’s Course

The Aji Starter Course (ASC) is 21 weekly assignments  – papers, videos, introductions and instructions –  that complement and deepen the contents of Toby Hecht’s book, Aji, an IR#4 Business Philosophy.

Individuals, groups and Networks of Capabilities can complete The ASC together in as few as 25 weeks.

Businesspeople who complete the course find themselves with a completely new orientation, ambition, strategic intentions and business skills they use immediately to begin to double their productivity, value and income or earn a Top 1% Income ($400k-$4m).

It is a completely new set of business (1) ambitions, (2) moods, (3) language/explanations about business, (4) distinctions, (5) intentions, (6) interpretations, (7) commitments, (8) practices and (9) outcomes that enables businesspeople to double their productivity, value and incomes.

The Aji Starter's Course is included in every subscription.

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Course Includes

  • 22 Sections
  • 122 Topics
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